Village Subotica in Svilajnac has been protected from floods

June 19, 2020

The construction of right bank embankment at the River Resava, in the vicinity of the village Subotica, in the length of 1.430 m, is completed on 7 May 2020. The new embankment along the Resava River and its tributary watermill stream upstream from the village, forms a barrier which protects the village Subotica from floods, like  the one that occurs in 2014 which caused significant damages and put the lives on stake in this part of the Svilajnac Municipality.

There has been also flood protection of the village Sedlare works included in the scope of the same contract, as a separate section. The total contract value of the works for flood protection of these two villages in the Municipality of Svilajnac amounts 1.3 million euros. The completion date for the works in the village Sedlare is 7 August 2020.

In the last 3 years, regulation works at the Resava River have been performed from its confluence with the Velika Morava River up to the confluence of the Dubljanski stream, in the length of 6.2 km. The new walls and embankments have been erected in the Svilajnac town to protect an urban area from flood so large that statistically occurs once in a hundred years. The embankment at a right bank of the Buk stream, upstream from town, which was the breaching spot where the flood broke through in 2014, has been reconstructed and  additionally increased and reinforced with rolled stone.

The total costs of flood protection infrastructure reconstruction and rehabilitation in the Svilajnac Municipality amount 3.1 million euros.