Village Sedlare in Svilajnac is now protected from floods

September 18, 2020

Thanks to the EU funded RFPI project, after the Svilajnac' city centre and the village Subotica, now the village Sedlare got protection from the floods too.

The village Sedlare was heavily affected by the 2014 flood. The flood surge broke the embankment at the confluence of the Kupinovački stream letting water into the populated area between the river and the road Sedlare-Svilajnac. Immediately after the flood withdrawal, the damaged levees were repaired, but the level of protection remained the same as before the 2014 floods, so a similar stream flow as in 2014 could cause damage again.

The climate change caused by the global warming makes meteorological events becoming more and more severe and extreme. To keep the same protection level, the engineers from Srbijavode have considered recent extreme hydrological events to recalculate the new embankment height.

Therefore, the embankment had to raise from 1.3 to 2.3 meters.

The embankment was upgraded in the length of 3.3 km along the right bank of the Resava River, but also its upstream and downstream tributaries (Kupinovački and Ročevački streams, respectively) forming a protecting cassette around the village. In accordance with the Water Management Strategy the improved embankment is going to protect the village from a flood that statistically occurs once in 50 years.

In addition, the minor channel of the Resava River has been reinforced with cladding stone to stabilise the zones under erosion as well as the confluence zones of Resava with the tributaries.

The flood protection works for Sedlare amount to 870 thousand euros, lasted 10 months and were completed in time, on 7 August 2020.

The total costs of flood protection infrastructure reconstruction and rehabilitation in the Svilajnac Municipality amount 3.1 million euros.