Rehabilitation of the Channel Kupinac in the centre of Obrenovac is completed

September 9, 2020

The Kupinac channel in Obrenovac is collecting surface water and partly draining underground water from the central area of the town, which is the lowest zone in the Kupinac channel watershed. The channel had long time been neglected, mostly due to a shallow bottom and high elevation of the culverts constructed along the route. Therefore, the normal flow of water was prevented. Beside the fact that the channel could not protect surrounding households from the high underground water level, it also became a mock and a source of infection.

The rehabilitation works commenced in September 2019 as a part of the contract that also included reconstruction of 6 drainage pumping stations in Obrenovac and Surčin as well as procurement of mobile pumps for flood protection. The works were completed in July this year. At the 1950 m long section between the culverts in Rvačanska and Fruskogorska streets, the channel banks and bottom have been lined with broken stone pressed in concrete.

The channel bottom has been dug and the culverts placed down deeper to improve the flowing capacity of the channel. In order to regulate an underground water table level, as well as inflow of fresh water into channel, five new wells have been drilled, while and in the same time 12 existing wells have been put in operation and all connected to the channel. The channel ends with the pumping station Zabreške Livade, whose reconstruction is in a final stage: its pumps are going to manage the channel’s water level.

The total cost of the channel rehabilitation is 850,000 euros.