More efficient controlling of the drainage pump stations

April 6, 2021

Srbijavode can now better control and remotely manage the pump stations in Surcin and Obrenovac via a monitoring and control system that has the capacity to develop and connect further with dams, gates and measurement stations across the country.

During 2020, in the scope of the RFPI project, 6 pumping stations at the drainage channels in the municipalities Obrenovac and Surčin were reconstructed. Together with a rehabilitation of the pump station buildings and replacement of the obsolete hydro-mechanical equipment, the reconstruction of high and low voltage installations has enabled a contemporary approach to the pump station control.

In order to facilitate a remote control and management of the pump stations, as well as collection and process of relevant information related to their operations, the implementation of system of controlling and management, commonly called SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) has been contracted. In the summer 2020, the Siemens d.o.o. was selected after public procurement to provide SCADA on behalf of the Public Water Management Company (PWMC) Srbijavode.

The PWMC Srbijavode has prepared and furnished the control room at the third floor of their HQ building. Two redundant SCADA servers have been placed in the special rack in the server room together with existing IT equipment, while two SCADA client stations for remote control and a video wall are installed in the control room. The SCADA system access have been granted to some number of external users via web, but limited only on a view mode without a control option.

Beside a remote control, SCADA allows sending of SMS messages to the predefined phone numbers, archiving of parameters values and events, automatic report creation, integration with surveillance system and facility maintenance planning and management.

The installed SCADA system allows also further development and connection of other facilities that are under management of the PWMC Srbijavode: pump stations, dam, gates and measurement stations.

On 25 February, in the SCADA control room, the training on SCADA handling was organized for the PWMC Srbijavode staff who is going to be responsible for operations of the pump stations. Based on suggestions that users had given at the training, the contractor have made a fine tuning of the system, and finally, at the end of March 2021, delivered SCADA to the PWMC Srbijavode to put into operation.