Successful finalization of the project Reconstruction of Flood Protection Infrastructure

June 30, 2021

Five and a half years from its beginning, the RFPI project reached the successful finale at the end of June this year.

The project closing was marked with the events performed in Paraćin on 28 May and on 14 June in Obrenovac. The ambassadors of the EU and the Republic of Austria in Serbia, Mr Sem Fabrizi and Mr Nikolaus Lutterotti joined by the Director of PWMC Srbijavode Goran Puzović and Assistant Director of the Public Investment Management Office Mrs Neda Maletić participated in these events.

In the scope of the closing event, the PWMC Srbijavode performed an emergency installation of the mobile equipment provided by the project, in the centre of Paracin. Beside visiting the exercise and completed works in the centre of Paracin, the guests also visited the open exhibition presenting the project results realised in Paraćin.

During the project implementation in Paracin, the works have been done at the River Crnica from its confluence to the Velika Morava, upstream behind the village Glavica in the total length of approximately 11 km. After cleaning of the riverbed from sludge and vegetation, a rehabilitation of protection embankments has been done with additional enlargement, as well as broadening of basic river channel. The new linear protection structures have been erected on both riverbanks to provide a sufficient capacity to accept a flood wave. Total of 3874 m of the concrete protection wall has been erected in the urban zone, while, where that has not been possible, in the very centre of town, a foundation for installation of total of 350 m of mobile protection panels have been constructed into the pavements. In the city, in the length of 1970 m the completely new minor channel has been made of reinforced concrete walls and stone in concrete bottom, as well as the new supporting concrete walls 137 m long. Outside the urban zone in order to accept the statistically referent flood wave, an expansion of the riverbed has been done with bank slopes protected with broken stone. The new, 1190 m long, right bank protection embankment has been erected to protect the village Glavica.

Four new torrential barriers have been also constructed at the Crnica tributaries to reduce a transportation of sediments towards the city and to diminish an erosion upstream from the barriers and therefore reduce the risk from torrential floods.

The ambassadors and the representatives of the Serbia state institutions visited the location in the centre of Obrenovac where the channel Kupinac was reconstructed and, by using of SCADA system, put in operation pumping station Zabreške Livade, one out of six reconstructed pumping stations in the scope of the project. Beside aforementioned guests, the representative of the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) which has implemented the project, Mr David Muckenhuber, attended the event too.

Since beginning of the project 42 km of the channels in Obrenovac and 22 km in Surčin have been cleaned, and 141,000 m3 of sludge have been taken out.

The Kupinac channel has been reconstructed in the length of 1000 m including two road culverts and the 70 m long concrete conduit. The channel has been lined with stone in concrete, while 12 old wells were rehabilitated with 5 new drilled in order to bring down an underground water table in the city centre, and to refill the channel with fresh water.

After emergency rehabilitation works at the pumping stations performed in 2017, which put the stations at the operational level, the works implemented in 2020 have additionally raised their functionality and reliability.

In order to facilitate a remote control and management of the pump stations, as well as collection and process of relevant information related to their operations, the SCADA system has been installed and connected 6 pumping stations. The installed SCADA system presents a solid basis for further connection of water resources management infrastructure (reservoirs, gates, pump stations) into a comprehensive information-expert system in the framework of PWMC Srbijavode responsibility.

The total value of the works and services done, and equipment provided in two Belgrade municipalities amounts 3.3 million euros.