Rehabilitation works on the Kolubara River in Valjevo completed

June 10, 2020

The works on construction and rehabilitation of flood protection infrastructure in the City of Valjevo, have been completed this spring, after two and a half years since commencement.

Now, population of Valjevo city and their properties are safe from large floods: actually, they are even protected from floods so large that statistically appear once in a hundred years.

The Kolubara main riverbed rehabilitation works were divided in four sections.

The completely new flood protection infrastructure, earth embankments and a riverbed lining with stone in concrete, have been constructed along the 1088 m long section I, from the cattle market to the Austroterma factory. From the Austroterma factory to the White Bridge in the center of the town, at the 2 km long section II, existing protection infrastructure has been completely reconstructed and rehabilitated.

At the 300 m long section III, from the sport playgrounds to the brewery, the river bottom has been lined with concrete layer, while the floodplain and bank slopes have been reinforced with stone in concrete.  At the 260 m long section IV between brewery and Jablanica and Obnica confluence, cleaning and stabilization of the Kolubara riverbed has been performed.

The rehabilitation works have also included the two Kolubara River’s tributaries Obnica and Jablanica whose riverbed have been cleaned and channel slopes protected with stone in the length of 1900 m. In addition, along a section of 660 m of the Obnica river, a protective concrete wall was erected for a flood protection of the households in the settlement Veselinovici.

The Contractor SADE with their local partner, Erozija from Valjevo performed all the works. The total cost of the rehabilitation works in Valjevo area amounts EUR 4,416,000. The Contractor is obliged to remedy all potential defects in the warranty period until 25 May 2021.

After Paraćin and Svilajnac, Valjevo is the third municipality whose urban population achieved presribed protection, in the scope of the EU funded Rehabilitation of the Flood Protection Infrastructure (RFPI) Project.