Mobile pumps for efficient flood protection delivered to Srbijavode

September 8, 2020

The EU has supplied PWMC Srbijavode with powerful arms to wage battles against floods that are becoming more frequent and harder every year: 6 new mobile pumping engines have been provided in the scope of the Rehabilitation of Flood Protection Infrastructure project. 

On 2 September 2020, at the Makiš channel, testing of the mobile pumps and training on their handling were organised, after which the PWMC Srbijavode took over the new pumps from the supplier. These activities took place in the presence of   beneficiary’s representatives, supervision and representatives of the Austrian Development Agency which implements the project. 

The total value of the mobile equipment amounts to 411,000 EUR.

The delivery included:

       -  3 high capacity pumps (350 l/s) which come with accessories placed on trailers that can easily be towed by cars, trucks or tractors, which allow a maximum mobility.

       -  3 smaller pumps (130 l/s) which come with accessories on trailers equipped with telescopic tower with reflectors for operations during night.

PWMC Srbijavode will distribute the high capacity pumps to water management companies at the territory of the city Belgrade and Pancevo, while the smaller pumps will be delivered to the regional centres Smederevo, Niš and Kragujevac. In that way, together with twelve mobile pumps that already exist in other regional centres, the entirety of PWMC Srbijavode’s area of competence will be reinforced.